So this was the former home of wine reviews but I recently realized that I actually don’t really enjoy reviewing wines and this blog is supposed to be fun, so why am I spending time writing about things that I don’t enjoy writing about? I think there is a lot of pressure when writing about wine and that has definitely affected my desire to review my favourite wines here.  I may put a wine review up now and then but to give space to things that I actually want to write about I thought I’d entitle this section ‘Randomness’. Here I might review restaurants, businesses, an article of clothing, candy, paint, airlines….anything that I damn well feel like writing about.

Random Stuff Reviewed So Far:

A Week on Kauai

Patrick Watson @ The Centre

The Chilkoot Trail

Wines Reviewed So Far:

Church and State Syrah 2009

Argyle Pinot Noir 2008

Okanagan Wine Tasting, Fall 2011

Mt. Boucherie Summit Reserve 2005


One thought on “Randomness

  1. Lars says:

    That read like a very nice adventurous hike. Great memories are made of vacations like this. Great read.

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