Mount Pleasant, by Don Gillmor

mt pleasantRecently I reviewed a Canadian novel called Late Nights on Air, which despite being a rather uneventful and mundane story, I really enjoyed.This might be the first time I have ever read two Canadian novels in a row and liked both of them, but Mount Pleasant is better written and more interesting than Late Nights on Air. I was really captivated by the story and by Harry, the main character, a middle-aged professor who has managed to rack up a sizeable debt. Dutifully taking care of his ailing father, Harry is not too concerned about this debt as his father was an investment banker and Harry is counting on at least a couple million dollars in inheritance: more than enough to cover his debts and buy some goodies for him and his wife. When his father dies and Harry discovers that his estate is worth just $7000, Harry embarks on an investigation to find out how his money disappeared. This is both an entertaining and intellectually stimulating read. The fact that I enjoyed this book says a lot, considering that I read the bulk of it at unspeakable hours of the night while nursing my newborn son. Any book (not in the Harry Potter series) that can keep me both awake and content at 3am in a dimly lit and quiet room deserves hearty kudos. It is extremely well written and I will be quite surprised if it does not make the list for the 2014 Giller prize.


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