The Hunter

As a vegetarian and an absolute wimp about violence, I would never go out of my way to see a film with the title, “The Hunter“. However my lovely husband had heard very good things about it and was eager to go. As it turns out, I should learn to trust my instincts with these things. The story centres around a man hired to hunt down the last Tasmanian tiger in existence; it is a very dark film and does not give you much hope for the future of human-nature relationships. The hunter is not a man you like, for several reasons: he’s rude and stand-offish, seems to have no problem with trapping animals using the very inhuman and cruel steel leg-trap, and for the most obvious reason: he’s planning to kill the last member of a species. Although there is some very gorgeous scenery, this was overshadowed for me by the constant fear of seeing a dead, gory animal in the shot (there are a lot of shots of dead, gory animals in this film). I spent the night with images of Tasmanian tigers floating through my dreams; grey and watery images that left me feeling depleted and a bit bummed. These kinds of movies that paint such a bleak picture of human nature really seem to affect me. All this is not to say that it wasn’t a good film; it’s just that I have a hard time separating out the way the movie made me feel with a more objective assessment of the film’s artistic worth. I actually feel fairly unequipped to give a critical review because (as I mentioned before) I am a wimp and am too affected by cute animals being maimed to be objective. So all I can do is rate the movie based on the level of enjoyment I experienced during and after watching it. Needless to say….this movie does not get a baboony stamp of approval. However, the ending of the film is actually pretty poetic and leaves a lot to ponder – it is definitely left open to some interpretation. This saved the film for me and is the reason I’m not giving it only a half baboon. The ending makes it worth a solid 2.


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