Hugo is an enjoyable film with the added bonus of beautiful cinematography and that cool 1930s French aesthetic.  I think I was a bit too excited to see the film as I have to admit to being disappointed with the end product.  A touch more editing may have solved this problem: not even Scorsese has any business putting out a kids’ movie that is over 2 hours long.  Most adults (ie. me)  get antsy in most films after about 90 mins.  Also, even most children are aware that French people living in France do not speak with British accents.  Although it doesn’t make a whole lot more sense that everyone would speak English with a heavy French accent, I think for a kids’ movie where you can’t have subtitles, this is probably the  only way to reconcile the problem of having an anglophone film set in France.  All that being said, the story is entertaining although I couldn’t quite get past the feeling that I was watching a version of The Artist again (I can’t really blame Hugo for this though).  The child actors are brilliant and my friends and I were relieved that Sacha Baron Cohen didn’t do anything stupid.  I confess to really liking 3D movies and I settle right into the effects – several friends though found the 3D to be way too much had felt they needed a break (executed by closing one eye only so as not to miss any of the action).  All in all a good film that probably won’t exceed your expectations.  See it if you have a clock obsession or a 1930s France obsession.


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