Church and State Syrah 2009

I may have been thirsty when I received my glass of the Church and State syrah at a small dinner party: I certainly drank it like I’d just finished a 10k run.  As a result I got very tipsy at what was supposed to be a casual Sunday dinner at our friend’s house.  All this to say that this wine is delicious. I like wine; I like good wine.  I like a glass of wine that makes you ponder the complex flavours.  But if you have ever read any of my other wine reviews you will know that I like juicy, fruity wine.  This wine fits both bills.  It had all the essence of a good red wine (mellow tannins, capsicum) but in such perfect balance that you could drink this as an aperitif, with food, with dessert, without food….well you get the picture.  When I googled Church and State winery just now I discovered that perhaps my very amateur palate has some potential: on the website it was announcement that the 2009 syrah had won Wine of the Year at the 2011 Canadian Wine Awards.  This is a $35 bottle so not your everyday wine.  But on a special occasion, if you want to impress, you won’t be disappointed with this choice!


One thought on “Church and State Syrah 2009

  1. L says:

    We looooved this wine too. Thanks for sharing it! Lx

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