The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin is really fun. It is a great film to see during the holidays because it is light, wholesome, and makes you feel like a child again.  To add to this, it is remarkably beautiful.  The attention to detail given to even the most mundane aspects of the scenery and the characters (ie. hair on the Captain’s knuckles, the fibre markings in a woollen cap,  facial wrinkles) sets this film apart from others of its genre.  The 3D was also done tastefully and it was a pleasure to watch the film from both an artistic and a story perspective.  I was surprised at how much I got wrapped up in the story for at least the first half of the movie.  Unfortunately things took a bit of a turn in the second half when the action shifted away from solving the mystery at hand to a series of high-action chase scenes.  The chase scenes served to showcase the artistic abilities of the filmmakers and did little to enhance the plot or entertain the viewers, in my opinion.  I like a chase scene as much as the next person but at a certain point it becomes difficult to follow the action and I find my mind wandering. Overall though Tintin is good fun and definitely worth seeing.


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