The Descendants

It is rare that I do not like a George Clooney film….I have had a George crush since his ER days.  Going into The Descendants I had high (George-related) expectations and I was not disappointed by his performance.  However the film itself was not what I had in mind when I went to see it in a grouchy, hung-over state.  If you have seen the preview you might recall the scene where George is shuffle-running in a very old-man way around a sharp bend in the road?  This scene evokes a silliness to me almost reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film so I was somewhat surprised to find myself on the opposite spectrum emotionally from The Royal Tenenbaums.  The Descendants is a really sad film.  The scenery is absolutely gorgeous (when was the last time you saw a movie set in Hawaii?) and the traditional Hawaiian soundtrack actually amplifies the sadness.  While I thought it was a solid movie, the story isn’t entirely memorable and I couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the end.  Disappointed that I didn’t just watch The Royal Tenenbaums perhaps?  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  As my husband would say, satisfaction = expectations – results.  I think my expectations may have been too high, or too different than what was delivered.


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