The Ides of March

The first thing I thought after seeing the film The Ides of March was, ‘what a cynical look at American politics’.  And then I thought about the absolutely ridiculous current Republican nomination fiasco and decided that The Ides of March was actually probably a fairly realistic look at American politics.  George Clooney plays the current Ohio state governor who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination; Ryan Gosling plays one of his campaign managers.  I enjoyed the film overall but I wish going into it that I had brushed up on my knowledge of the American election process: I spent the first quarter of the movie trying to remember who the delegates and super-delegates were and why some were independent and why Ohio was so important.  After being fairly distracted for about 30 minutes scanning my brain for this information I decided that I possibly had never understood the primary process and that I should probably just concentrate on the movie.  I think I would have enjoyed it more had I understood the nuances of the power struggles between the candidates, but then maybe I’m getting hung up on details. You don’t have to be a political insider to enjoy this movie.  You get drawn in by the drama on screen and by the tremendous acting.  Evan Rachel Wood is particularly fantastic as Molly, one of the campaign’s interns.  There were also several surprising plot twists to keep you wrapped up in the story.


One thought on “The Ides of March

  1. Paragraph Film Reviews says:

    Fair review. I enjoyed it at the time but didn’t find it very memorable as I was expecting much more with the massive names involved. Deginitely Gossling’s year so far, seems to be in all the good flicks!

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