Margin Call

If you are looking for a sensationalized drama about the recent U.S. financial crisis, this is not your movie.  Margin Call is a thoughtful, rather slow-paced movie that to the best of my (admittedly limited) knowledge portrays a realistic 24 hours in the life of a doomed financial company.  At the same time as you follow the dominoes falling one by one – as the final grand decision is made to liquify the company’s assets – you are also given a window through which to view the lives of those whose years of questionable ethics and financial dealings have caused the company to fall.  You discover that it is really nobody’s fault – no one’s single particular decision – rather it is more about general human greed and turning our backs when we sense that something might not be quite right. The acting is incredible and the dialogue is engrossing.  I even felt a twinge of sympathy for some of these guys (Demi Moore is the only woman character) even as they make the decision to basically screw everyone else.  Another highly recommended Baboonreview!


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