Drive is a slick, ultra-stylized film full of car chases, suspense, and horrifying violence.  You may ask, “How did you know that the violence was that bad when you spent half the movie with your head buried under your coat, quivering like a small child?”  The answer is that while I didn’t see the violence first hand, I heard it.  And I also heard the gasps and “oh my gods” of the audience members.  One of my friends remarked that he hadn’t seen violence like that since the film A History of Violence.  If it weren’t for the violence (and missing large-ish sections of the film under my coat) I would give this film a great review.  As it stands I will give it a good review.  You might think that a film that features car chases and acts of stunning violence might be fast-paced: a nail-biter.  But paradoxically this is a slow-paced, almost pensive film.  There are long moments of almost complete silence and others filled with ethereal music and shadowy half-light.  Ryan Gosling is fantastic although at times his mute character gets a bit annoying.  You want to shake him and yell, “Just answer the question! Don’t just sit there!”  Carey Mulligan is also excellent although she probably speaks a total of 4 words the entire film.  All in all, I would highly recommend Drive to those who can handle disturbing violence. What is it about seeing someone get their face smashed to bits in exquisite detail on a big screen that directors, film producers, and audiences like?  Does this really add to the movie experience?  If you are like me and would prefer to examine the cotton pilling of your sweater, you might think twice about seeing Drive.


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