The Meaning of Night by Michael Cox

I don’t mind reading long books – one of my favourite books of all time is A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry, which is roughly dictionary-sized.  The key is that books need to be long for a reason.  The Meaning of Night made me kept begging Michael Cox to “Get to the point!”  It’s a mystery novel so the intrigue kept me hooked just enough to keep slogging through the 593 (wide) pages.  But the meandering storyline combined with some fairly pointless descriptive passages annoyed me.  Overall I liked the story but it did have some degree of predictability to it.  And the main character is frustrating – I continually wished that I could have jumped into the story and slapped some sense into him.  So Michael Cox has potential but he needs to slim down his next novel and get to the point or I suspect he might lose me the next time around.


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