Contagion is definitely worth seeing although I almost chickened out, fearing that I would have at least several nights of bad dreams after seeing it.  But no: this is not gory or violent and victims of the virus die quietly (unlike in the movie Outbreak, where victims bled from every orifice).  So while the movie was certainly eerie, it was not nightmare-inducing.  I think many viewers might rate this as a bad thing and indeed Contagion is a pretty even-keeled movie.  There is no real climax and there are so many main characters  that you never quite feel like you get to know any of them.  But I think that’s what makes this movie interesting: it’s (probably) an accurate overview of how a global virus with a 30% death rate might play out in different people’s lives.  Although you never follow any one character closely, I found myself really wrapped up in the different story-lines and anxious about how the virus would be beaten.


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